Savvas Kalederidis Σάββας Καλεντερίδης,

I tried to find inaccuracies, historically, culturally, in customs, to fault it, but I did not succeed. Ι envy you for writing this book. I envy you, because it should’ve been me who wrote such a book.

Kastanidis Theophilos President of Pontian Sociaty «Αργοναύται-Κομνηνοί»

This is a remarkable attempt to activate our memory. The difference in the recording of Kostas’ is that he complements the references in drama, using a unique writing and spirit. And it becomes more attractive to the readers, because the call and the soul of his beloved ancestors are refined by his heart. Here the two worlds meet, past and present, yet they are the same.


Kostas’ book speaks volumes on things that last and matter: traditions, a way of life, honest work. In this way, in today's instant-pleasure, 15-minutes-of-fame culture, it is very refreshing. His sense of history adds to this to, and, to me, that is the conceptual appeal of the book. But there is more. He builds character and relationships well. Hariklia, cutting and treating tobacco while watching her father, is a great case in point. She clearly worships him, wants to follow him out until her sister stops him. The use of the song her sister sings, the word "tattas" for father, all this tie her to geography, culture and history, and inform the characters. A very powerful novel!